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The team of Joel Mugge, Ricky Man and Tim Burks combines Joel’s extensive experience in real estate in Minnesota and California, Ricky’s broad customer service experience and his familiarity with the people and lifestyles of the Coachella Valley and Tim’s broad international experience in sales, law and education. The combination of our distinctive work experiences, cultural backgrounds and generational perspectives gives us a unique ability to respond to a wide variety of real estate needs in Palm Springs and throughout the Valley.  Since joining Bennion Deville Homes (formerly Windermere Real Estate) in 2011, Mugge & Man Associates has achieved a sales volume placing us in the top 15% of agents in the company.  We have established ourselves as leaders in the real estate industry in the Coachella Valley with a solid reputation for customer service and knowledge of the market. 




Joel MuggeJoel Mugge
After receiving my Master’s degree in intercultural communication from the University of Minnesota and a successful career in international education at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, I obtained my Minnesota real estate license and began working with Coldwell Banker Burnet in the Twin Cities. During my 14 years with the company, I developed a successful business focusing on single family homes and residential investment properties.

In 2011, after living in the Midwest all my life, I decided it was time to escape Minnesota winters and move to Palm Springs. An investor myself, I have a special interest in multi-family investment properties as well as single family homes. I believe that working in real estate is about building relationships of trust and respect as people make one the most important financial and lifestyle decisions of their lives, the purchase of a home.

Ricky ManRicky Man
I was born and raised in Brazil and received my BA in systems analysis from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná in Curitiba, Brazil. Following graduation from college, I moved to the US and after working in several customer service positions, established a successful vending business based in Ontario, California. After selling my vending business, I worked again in customer service in the security industry before moving to the Palm Springs in 2011.

My experience as an entrepreneur, my passion for helping others achieve their goals and my love of the Desert were instrumental in my decision to obtain my real estate sales license and to join Bennion Deville Homes where I specialize in residential properties in the Palm Springs area.


Tim BurksTim Burks
My previous careers have included Teaching, International and Domestic sales management and immigration law. Prior to getting my Real Estate license, I was also licensed as a mortgage broker. My combination of teaching, sales negotiation, finance and immigration has left me in a unique position to have a broad base of knowledge when it comes to dealing with foreign buyers, complicated financing issues and difficult negotiations. My partner and I also own 6 rental property spread across 2 countries and 4 states/provinces which can benefit those looking for advice on how to handle the intricacies of property rental. My past experiences have led me to Real Estate, a place where buyers and sellers can benefit from my extensive work acumen.


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